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According to Medical Daily, a person’s smile is the second most noticed physical feature upon first meeting and eyes staying at the number one spot. As many people say, don’t judge a book by its cover, it’s hard to say we don’t necessarily judge appearances, upon first meeting. You only get one shot to make a first impression after all.

Your smile is not an underrated feature and it’s one of the most obvious ways to show expression. Whether you’re feeling excited about the day, or feeling a little blue, your mouth can convey these emotions quicker (and a bit more obvious) than other features of your face. If you feel uncomfortable showing off your pearly whites, or perhaps your not so pearly whites, then it may be time to look into cosmetic dentistry.

You may know of the basic procedures that have come up over the years in cosmetic dentistry. But, there are new discoveries that may excite you, perhaps may even be the push you need to finally get your dream procedure done! If you haven’t been paying attention to the new developments in cosmetic dentistry, allow me to present the absolute newest and trendiest procedures happening now.

Teeth whitening has grown rapidly popular over the years and now there are different routes to take based on your specific needs or wants. There are ways to simply and safely bleach teeth. There is also a “powerful” bleaching process which includes a futuristic looking light that is pointed at a person’s teeth, to stimulate the active ingredients. This procedure is completely painless but allow for quicker and better results.

In addition to these procedures, there are at home white strips that could possibly help reduce the appearance of surface stains. However, many people choose to use these after an actual procedure has been done by a cosmetic dentist to keep those pesky stains away.

One of my personal favorites in new cosmetic dentistry trends and advances is 3D-tooth printing. Yes, you read that right. If you’ve heard of tooth replacement, then perhaps you may have heard how easy this procedure is in today’s time. Perhaps the most exciting invention in this cosmetic dentistry category is the invention of 3D-tooth printing.

This is not like any other 3D printing process you may have heard, this is created using high-tech scanners and careful modeling using suitable tooth material, at the moment, this material is ceramic. With this new technology, it is understandable that a hefty financial budget and the proper education and testing is needed to perfect this kind of tooth creation. Nonetheless, be sure to watch for this ultra-futuristic procedure to flood your social media feeds.

Whatever route you decide in going, when choosing the right procedure for you.. be sure to stay on top of the new advances in cosmetic dentistry. These exciting elements may give someone a bit more confidence in taking the leap into this world. Bettering your smile has never been more easy and advanced!

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