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Fully Transform Your Smile with Teeth in a Day

With today’s modern medicine advances, the dental industry is able to quicken their procedures. If you’re unhappy with your smile and you’re desperately wanting an upgrade, without the long wait time, perhaps teeth in a day is the right process for you.

Many patients shy away from extreme dental procedures that include dental implants and extractions, because of the length of time it takes to achieve their wanted look. With teeth in a day, this revolutionary process has been perfected and created in a way where the patient can have a smile of their dreams in just one appointment.

This procedure is ideal for patients who already wear dentures or have quite a few missing teeth in their mouth. Missing teeth can affect a person’s confidence and overall self-consciousness. It can be hard to fully express happiness when you’re too busy hiding your smile from the world. It may be time to repair this issue using this quick method.

Missing teeth (if not replaced) can also cause a slew of damage to your neighboring teeth, periodontal (gum) disease, decay and rot, and even loss of bone in the jawbone. It is highly recommended to replace missing teeth, dentures don’t count as tooth replacement, but merely a temporary fix for missing teeth.

Teeth in a day may sound too good to be true, however, many patients have undergone the procedure and have come out with beautiful natural looking teeth in just one appointment with their cosmetic dentist. Patients who use removable dentures and patients who have a large number of missing teeth are the most common patients to undergo this procedure.

How Does Teeth in A Day Work?

Teeth in a day work just as regular dental implants do. They are sturdy and strong just as your natural teeth would be. Held by four dental implants per arch, these implants are titanium posts that are screwed directly into your jawbone to provide the same bite force as your natural teeth could. The titanium posts provide the strength needed to hold together your replacement teeth and also aesthetically provide the look of natural teeth.

Teeth in a day is not for everyone. There are specific candidates that are more likely to be accepted rather than some others. If a patient doesn’t have a strong enough jawbone and the dentist recommends bone grafting, then you will likely be rejected for this procedure and may have to undergo the traditional dental implant route.


What Are the Benefits of Teeth In A Day?

There are a number of benefits for teeth in a day.

  1. The Affordable Route: On the contrary to what you believe, teeth in a day are actually a much more cost-effective route to a better smile. Traditional dental implants could take a multitude of appointments are a longer healing time, which can drag the process on and drag your wallet as well. Because this process is compacted into one appointment, the cost of teeth in a day is slightly cheaper than the traditional route.
  2. Quicker Process: The obvious benefit of this procedure is the time element. This process is infinitely quicker than traditional implant procedures. For patients who don’t have time for a longer process or need a quick transformation, teeth in a day is the perfect process for you.
  3. Condensed Treatment: Teeth in a day compacts the whole dental implant process. Assuming you are a great candidate for the process, your dentist will shorten the process immensely to accommodate the time. It shortens the treatment time plus it eliminated the need for a bone graft. This process is ideal for candidates with a healthy smile and a healthy jawbone.



What Are the Steps for Teeth in A Day?

Much like a regular dental implant procedure, the fast teeth in a day procedure is done quite similarly to a traditional dental implant procedure. Assuming you are a good candidate for teeth in a day, your dentist will compact the treatment process by inserting four titanium posts to the upper and lower arch of your mouth (or wherever replacement teeth are needed). Once the posts are fully in, your dentist will add in your replacement teeth by choice. A full set of replacement teeth will be added to your mouth in this one appointment, which eliminates the need to come back to the dentist for other procedures. The titanium posts will fuse together with your jawbone within a few weeks to allow an incredibly strong foundation for your replacement teeth to continue to sit on.

It’s important to schedule a consultation prior to your procedure appointment. During this consultation, your dentist will do a thorough check on the health of your mouth and of your jawbone. A series of x-rays will determine if the strength of your jawbone is strong enough to withstand the teeth in a day procedure. An extensive health check will also be done to ensure your overall dental health is well enough for the procedure.

During this consultation, your dentist will also take an impression of your teeth to send to their lab where your dental restorations will be designed and created. Based on your wants and needs, your dentist will be sure your restorations will be exact to the shape, size, and color you want and will ensure they look natural. These restorations will be ready to be inserted on the day of the procedure.

If you’re worried about the pain levels, your dentist will communicate with you the options for taking care of that problem. You will likely be numbed with a local anesthetic which will eliminate any chance of pain (you may feel a bit or pressure). If you are visibly anxious or stressed on the day of the procedure, your dentist can also give you a dose of Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) to relax you before the procedure.

Stop putting off your full mouth transformation and talk to your dentist about teeth in a day, it could change your life, in just one appointment!

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