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Natural Porcelain Dental Crown

In today’s time, modern dentistry offers many more options than ever to help you restore and maintain an optimal level of health for your smile. While the strength and beauty of materials continue to advance, the skill of the practitioner makes a significant difference in every outcome. After all, it’s only how well the execution is of the treatment that will make a difference! Drs. Ritter & Ramsey focus on utilizing the best techniques for comprehensive care, returning even the most damaged mouths to full health. The amount of skill married with the high quality of materials makes for a successful dental cosmetic session. They will ensure not only the health and functionality of your smile but also will restore the appearance of your teeth to the healthy look you desire. Porcelain dental crowns are among the more popular options to do so.

Sometimes teeth undergo significant damage due to cavities, heavy bite forces, trauma, or even from the normality of function. It’s natural for teeth to have normal wear and tear, however, we no longer have to live with the damages anymore. Modern dentistry allows professional cosmetic dentists the opportunity to repair the damaged teeth to restore functionality and, of course, appearance. If a root canal is needed to salvage a severely compromised nerve from infection, the tooth may be especially fragile and may need to be repaired and sealed. Porcelain dental crowns are among the most popular in the dental cosmetic industry. Porcelain crowns or porcelain “caps” come highly recommended among many cosmetic dentists as it can provide the functionality and appearance of natural teeth. These types of caps are used to cover the entire surface of a tooth. They can be used as a seal after a root canal or even as a cover for an extremely discolored tooth, chipped tooth, a cracked tooth, and much more.

Porcelain dental crowns are used to restore dental implants, to secure dental bridges, restore and help repair broken or damaged teeth. Dental crowns can be performed in one visit. The goal with dental crowns is to create a natural looking smile. These types of crowns can add the strength and durability to any tooth with any needed repair. Aesthetically, dental crowns are used to cover a discolored tooth and even narrow the gaps between largely separated teeth.

There are many situations that can leave a tooth in danger of loss, meaning a tooth can fall out if treatment is bypassed. There are many cases where patients have chosen to not undergo any repair procedures for cracked or badly decayed teeth. If this is the case, you put yourself at risk for further decay and the spread of bacteria to neighboring teeth, or worse, acquiring damage to your jawbone. Dental crowns, or caps, allow damaged teeth to be repaired, rebuilt, and covered with materials that imitate the natural look of teeth. Porcelain is used mainly for these types of dental crowns since they mimic the look of natural teeth almost identically. The color of porcelain, once it’s glazed, not only looks like a natural tooth but also feels like one as well. These types of crowns also stain less quickly than natural teeth. Porcelain is also popularly used among patients who have metal allergies because porcelain is non-allergenic.

Not only are most “capped” teeth indistinguishable from natural teeth, but they're also extremely secure and comfortable. Many patients sometimes forget they are wearing dental crowns as they fit so comfortably to your smile and the functionality of your teeth. Plus, they look identical!

Porcelain crowns can be crafted to repair a single tooth, multiple teeth (including the entire mouth), or in conjunction with dental implants to fill a space. In fact, when missing teeth enter the equation, special consideration might be given to placing a dental bridge or implants. A dental implant is among the most popular solutions in replacing one tooth. This option is used because the implant is screwed into the jaw to feel just as strong and create the functionality of a normal tooth. In order to top off the implant, a dental crown is added, as a cherry on top, to ensure not only the functionality of quality but also the appearance is of quality as well.



The Process for Getting a Dental Crown: In One Simple Step

In today's technology, our advances have allowed us to simplify the delivery of a porcelain dental crown into just one appointment. A dental crown is typically added to an existing tooth by firstly shaping the tooth then an impression is taken of the tooth so that a porcelain crown can be created to fit the tooth exactly. We always ensure to keep as much of your natural tooth as possible to ensure a strong foundation for the crown to sit. However, there are times when a natural tooth is riddled with bacteria and the internal pulp of the tooth needs to be removed. If this is the case, we will then fill the tooth with a resin and then seal the fill with a porcelain dental crown. A precise cap is created by the detailed digital images captured by our equipment that gives us the data we need to design your new restoration.

Our powerful software coupled with our professional training leads to a porcelain crown milled from the finest material available, within a few minutes. Once the wait is over, we carefully bond your new customized crown firmly into place and ensure the fit is perfectly in line with your normal bite. We will always ensure the fit feels normal and would require little to no time getting used to the new dental crown. Once all steps are complete, you'll be on your way!

Nearly all patients are candidates for dental crowns. If you have a tooth or multiple teeth with severe decay, broken teeth, broken down fillings, fractures or cracked teeth then porcelain dental crowns may be the best repair option for you. At Ritter & Ramsey, we will be sure to always discuss all dental cosmetic options with you to ensure the right decision is made. We always have your happiness in mind and will guarantee the appearance and functionality of your smile will be restored to its primary glory.


Take Care of Your Dental Crowns

It is important to remember that porcelain is not indestructible. It is imperative to take very good care of your dental crowns just as precisely as you would your natural teeth. Be sure to brush twice daily and floss at least once a day to prolong the life of your dental crowns. They are susceptible to cracking and staining, just like your natural teeth, just be wary of the kinds of foods you eat and the hardness of things you chew. Other than normal upkeep, your dental crowns are essentially a breeze to take care of, as you may forget they are even fake at all!
We here at Ritter & Ramsey look forward to introducing you to the word of cosmetic dentistry. We are happy to show you the advanced dental techniques that we’ve acquired and perfected in order to make your experience easy, painless, and successful.

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