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If you feel confident in yourself, you will easily find yourself smiling more. If you smile more, you feel more confident. A chain effect, right? But what if you feel confident and happy on the inside but refuse to flash your smile because you're embarrassed by the yellowness of your teeth on the outside? It can be exhausting, trying to hide your smile from your friends, family and even from strangers. If you’re constantly worried about how the people around you will judge you based on your smile, maybe it’s time to look into professional teeth whitening. A new brighter smile will boost up your confident quicker than you may think!

Professional teeth whitening can remove years of caked on, dingy stains from your smile. Coffee, tea, wine, and chocolate might be essentials for some people in their eating habits. However, what you may not know is these foods and drinks are actually some of the more heightened ways of dulling your
teeth’s enamel, causing that gross and yellow look on the surface of your teeth. These foods cause the yellowness in your teeth much faster than any other foods or liquids. Also, if you are an avid smoker, you may not be shocked to hear that tobacco is also a leading cause of yellow teeth. Tobacco cakes on gunk and sud from smoke and chew that builds on the surface of your teeth. Like a magnet, it sticks to your teeth and becomes extremely hard to brush off. Perhaps, another reason to quit?

A new smile can emerge from the simplest of steps, it can be easier than you think. A brilliant new transformation of your smile can be done with a gentle polish and reshaping of chipped, uneven edges. Some patients are unaware of just how discolored their teeth are until they undergo a professional teeth whitening procedure. The increased shine that reflects from their newly whitened teeth, even if it’s just a few shades lighter, can make a world of a difference!

There are numerous products that crowd supermarket shelves, all claiming to prove amazingly whiter results. The truth is, the answer to a brilliant new smile can’t be achieved from off the counter whitening strips or toothpaste. Here’s how they work:

Over The Counter Teeth Whitening Treatments

Although at-home teeth whitening strips may be a bit more affordable and easily accessible, they will not give you the shade of white you desire for your smile. You need to replenish these strips every few months, which adds up financially. The strips are not custom to your teeth and may miss spots that can’t be reached. The formula used for these strips or even in pastes cannot give you the  professional teeth whitening treatment you aspire to have. So, in the long run, the investment you make for these kinds of over the counter strips may cause you to spend more than you originally planned, for a shade of white that isn't quite white enough.

While we don't discourage these methods, as they may give you a half shade of a whiter smile, you may want to consider the advantages of professional products as they will give you the real results you crave. To truly commit to wanting an extreme smile transformation, a professional whitening treatment is what you need, and Ritter &Ramsey can give you what you need.

Here’s How our Customized at-home Treatments Work

  • Customized System: Our trained professionals will create custom trays that fit your teeth like a comfortable glove, to ensure not one spec of a tooth is missed, for a perfect whitening treatment. The trays are created by taking impressions of your top and bottom teeth to make the custom trays. These trays are a thin and flexible plastic that follows the alignment of your teeth with precision, allowing the powerful whitening gel to access contact all tooth surfaces evenly. This custom tooth whitening system will provide a consistent whitening treatment with little to no overflow of the professional gel onto your gums. You will receive at-home instructions to ensure perfect execution of the treatment, every time. If you need further assistance, be sure to reach out to our offices so that we can walk you through the process if you need it. We are here to help!
  • Controlled Gel Formulas: At Ritter & Ramsey, we use only the highest quality of teeth whitening formulas. We ensure the formula provided to our clients are among the most superior on the market available for safety and consistency. We ensure professional strength and safeguard careful quality control from known sources. It’s important to beware of temperature-sensitive gels stored in uncontrolled environments or made in an unknown setting. The gels that we provide to our clients are not only among the safest on the market but provide the highest level of whitening as well. You will feel ecstatic at the number of yellow layers this treatment system can remove.
  • Sensitivity Management: You may experience temporary sensitivity in your teeth while whitening. Do not be alarmed as this is extremely normal. The powerful whitening gel will break up and lighten the stained layers on the surface of your teeth, which in turn, makes your teeth a bit sensitive to pressure or extremely hot or cold foods. In order to avoid this feeling, it may be beneficial to avoid eating or drinking for an hour after your whitening treatment. At Ritter & Ramsey, we have specific strategies for you to use in terms of how to’s & what to avoid while treating your teeth. We will always customize the product from the trays to the gel type and even to the certain methods for you to use in order to help you have a comfortable and safe whitening experience.
  • Long-term results: We all know by buying a box of whitening strips, you must be prepared to replenish the kit every few months, and of course, financially that adds up. With one set of custom trays, you'll have a system that should fit for years. You may need to adjust the custom trays if you remove a tooth or your teeth start to shift from wisdom tooth growth. If not, all you need to do is pick up a new refill syringe of the professional gel occasionally from our office. You can repeat this treatment as needed to whiten your smile and keep it white for years to come.

The constant consumption of coffee, wine, tea, tobacco, and other yellow causing foods and drinks could add to your discoloration. Sometimes it’s hard to give up these things, especially if you’re an avid coffee drinker like many of us! You don’t need to adjust your diet completely to avoid these foods, just take care of the discoloration of your teeth with our professional teeth whitening at-home care system. You don’t have to invest thousands of dollars to have a professionally cleaned and whitened smile. We will work with you to ensure your happiness with the quality we provide, at the price point you love. Ask our professionals about how Ritter & Ramsey can assist you in your journey to a whiter smile. Stop hiding your smile and stop shying away from expressing your happiness, and start smiley confidently by show off your pearly whites! Don’t let the yellowness of your teeth keep you from fully expressing yourself, life’s too short to hide your smile! 


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