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Dental Implants, Endless Benefits!

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Dental implants are among the most popular in the cosmetic dentistry industry. Thousands of men and women each year opt to jump into cosmetic dentistry once they’ve learned just how easy and affordable some of the procedures are. Dental implants, in particular, are among one of the easiest and most practiced procedures out there.

Dental implants are performed in a surgical manner, as components are screwed into the jaw bone to support dental accessories such as bridges, crowns and more. This is one of the most highly-recommended procedures!

Check out the list of topics below to better answer questions you may have about dental implant benefits.

  • Nice for Your Teeth & For Your Wallet:

Perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions about dental implants is that they are outrageously expensive. Now, this may be the case if you opt to go to a cosmetic dentist who charges an arm and a leg for any dental procedure (sometimes location has to do with that). But in most cases, the average cost is somewhere between $4000-$6000, a one-time charge for a lifetime of happiness. If you were to go for any other procedure, your cost may be $1000-$3000 per visit (depending on the procedure), plus the need for replacement teeth would be approaching with these choices. Dental implants are a worthwhile investment, plus, many cosmetic dentists allow for easy payback plans.

  • Keep your Bones Strong:

One of the biggest downfalls of losing teeth, or removing teeth as an adult, is our teeth roots will slowly start to diminish if there’s nothing for it to support. If you invest in dental implants, this combats the disintegration of your bones by stimulating your bone roots. This keeps your teeth strong and your jaw stronger.

  • A Near Lifetime Solution:

As mentioned before, this one-time investment is all it takes to have a near lifetime of strong teeth. Studies have shown that out of all cosmetic dentistry procedures, dental implants are the only ones who can withstand normal activity of teeth for over 40 years! This is because of the way the dental components are screwed directly into the jaw to keep them in place for longer and will last longer than any surface fix directly onto your teeth.

  • They Look Natural:

No one has time these days to wonder if their fake teeth look real. The best part about getting dental implants is they look the most real because of the replacement tooth that will sit on the implant that is fused with your jaw. It won’t budge, it’ll withstand normal chewing, and it’ll look great and likely won’t chip as easily as other surface adjustments to teeth.

  • Preserve Your Bite & All Your Teeth:

Aside from saving the look of your smile by replacing missing teeth, dental implants will benefit your overall bite and all your surrounding teeth as well. When you have teeth missing, it’s hard to fully enjoy a meal without wondering if other people can see you struggling to chew on certain foods. Dental implants will take care of this problem by replacing your missing teeth, along with being able to withstand your normal chew pressure for a perfect bit every time. When you lose a tooth, if you don’t replace it soon enough, you will start to feel your surrounding teeth weaken under the lack of pressure supporting the missing link. Dental implants will instantly save you from this problem and offer the best solution there is.

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