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Dental Implant : What are they really? How do they actually work?

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If you’ve done your research on cosmetic dentistry, then you already know that dental implants are one of the most popular procedure choices in the industry. Many people opt for dental implants for many reasons, the benefits of a long-lasting outcome is by far the greatest reason. If you’re wondering what the exact procedure may be, and how dental implants work, see below for details.

What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a dental grade titanium component that is created to mimic a tooth root. This post is surgically drilled into your jawbone, after a proper incision is made, and ensured the post is positioned perfectly to anchor a replacement tooth. The best part of this procedure is you don’t have to worry about it coming loose or falling out, these situations are highly unlikely because of the way it’s fastened to your jaw.

Once the post is placed, after a short healing process, your cosmetic dentist will add in your replacement tooth either by hand or a small drill. The titanium post gives your replacement tooth the perfect foundation it needs to fully sustain your normal bite. Bridges and crowns won’t slip or shift out of place with dental implants. Surface procedures can give you the same result; however, require replacements and tedious upkeep to ensure their quality, unlike dental implants.  

This procedure allows for a long-lasting result, upwards of 40 years! This is because of the way it’s placed, as it doesn’t need to be replaced in many cases. Surface procedures or “quick fixes” such as ordinary bridges or dentures give clients that overnight fix, but soon after, realize a larger investment may have been a better choice.

Dental implants allow for a perfect long-lasting fix, without touching any other tooth (unless multiple implants are needed). In many cases, if ordinary bridges are used, they are linked with existing teeth and sometimes even negatively affect the neighboring teeth. Many people complain of discomfort from these types surface solutions. Many experience discomforts such as sore spots, poorly placed bridges, shifting crowns and so on.

Although it’s no secret that dental implants are among the higher priced procedures of cosmetic dentistry, it is the best investment you can make for your smile. The procedure may seem intimidating, however, it’s good to do proper research to know the step by step process. The procedure in total may take up to three dental visits.

First, if this fits in your case, you must go in and remove the desired tooth you’d like replaced. Next, you will go in to have the post drilled into your jaw, this is typically done with local anesthesia, there is usually little to no pain. Lastly, after a few weeks of healing, you will go back for a final visit for your replacement tooth to be placed and you’re done! Healing may take a few weeks or sometimes months depending on how well you take care of the affected area.

The results of dental implants are incredibly long-lasting, and look and feel extremely natural in comparison to other procedures.

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