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Trying to decide whether or not to live in Palm Beach Gardens, FL?

If you’re looking for a relaxing, coastal life, Palm Beach Gardens is the place for you. Located on the North end of the Miami metropolitan area, PBG’s charm is unmatched. We’re far enough away from Miami that the hectic pace of city life is not found here. If city life is what you’re after, we’re close enough to drive there in no time. Here are some things that PBG has to offer.

Nature! PBG was founded on the idea of being a “garden city” and we have done everything we can to maintain that idea. Everywhere you look in PBG there are flowers and foliage. If you are looking for a scenic place to live, PBG is the right place for you. In addition to a beautifully manicured town, PBG is also home to nature preserves. Living in PBG means that nature is always around you.

The climate is perfect. If you are looking to escape the snow, you have found the right place, because it never snows here. The sun is out 235 days per year. The average winter temperature is in the 60s and the summer is a nice and toasty 80-90. Our air quality is heavenly because we benefit from a nice ocean breeze, which helps control the humidity. The Gulf Stream ushers the warm water of the gulf right to our doorstep.

Our economy is strong here! Our unemployment rate is 3.5%, which is almost 2% lower than the national average. Our job growth exceeds the national average as well. Our community is growing. In the last 17 years, our population has grown substantially. We benefit tremendously from our proximity to Miami, which has become an international hub in recent times. It is certainly possible to live in PBG and work in Miami. If you want to benefit from Miami but still live in a small, peaceful community, PBG is the right place for you.

PBG is a recreational haven. We live just minutes from the beach. If you are a beach-goer this is the right place for you. Residents are known to engage is water sports nearly year-round. PBG is also home to the Professional Golfers Association and with that comes endless amounts of golf. If you are a golfer, you will found PBG’s amount and level of golf courses astounding. You are minutes away from over 160 golf courses.

If you are looking for a gated community in a resort town, look no further. There are numerous gated communities around Palm Beach Gardens. Many of them offer various amenities and perks. Living in one of these communities is like living in your own personal resort. If you are not into living in a gated community, don’t worry. Palm Beach Gardens offers many condominiums that will please anyone looking for a low maintenance life style. PBG is also a great place to raise a family. Our schools are some of the top schools in Palm Beach County and the state of Florida. Palm Beach Gardens is certainly a great place to put your roots down and start a family. It is also a great place to retire and relax or anything in between.

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