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Which Beverages Can Harm Your Teeth?

Soda and Fruit juiceA lot of attention is often given to foods that are particularly detrimental to teeth. However, beverages, despite their swift passage through the mouth, can also leave a lasting impact on tooth color and structural integrity. Here are some common drinks that can negatively harm your teeth. Soda: One serving of soda can contain up to 11 teaspoons of sugar and incorporate citric and phosphoric acids, which damage tooth enamel. While diet sodas harbor less sugar, artificial sweeteners carry more harmful acids.

Sports Drinks: Similar to soda, sports drinks contain enamel-attacking acids and heaps of sugar. Opting for these seemingly-benign hydrators over good old-fashioned water can lead to tooth decay.

Fruit Juice: Despite being loaded with antioxidants and vitamins, most fruit juices contain soda-level amounts of sugar. Since fruits are naturally sweet, treat yourself with only sugar-free juices.

Coffee: Even assuming you don’t add sugar to your morning cup of Joe, coffee’s acidity and dark color eventually yellow teeth over time. Luckily, coffee staining is easily remedied by teeth whitening treatments.

Wine: Red or white, wine can mar teeth. Red wine contains chromogen and tannis pigments, causing its deep color to linger on your teeth. Think white wine is better? The acids in all wines contain enamel-eating acidity, making teeth vulnerable to stains.

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