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The Big Question- A 3 Unit Bridge or an Implant?

Implants vs 3 Unit Bridge This is a question we get from patients whenever they have to lose a tooth. Should i go with a 3 unit bridge to replace the missing tooth, or, should i have an Implant placed to replace just the 1 missing tooth. Its a fair question, one that can get confusing. We would prefer to have an Implant placed for numerous reasons. An implant would be placed by a specialist, an Oral Surgeon or a Periodontist that does this procedure everyday. It is predictable and long lasting. You would never need a root canal, and it will never get a cavity. It most importantly, keeps the problem and a solution a 1 tooth problem. The 3 unit bridge, while sometimes is a better option, is not the first choice every time. It commits a patient to preparing the teeth on either side of the missing tooth. The cost is about the same fro both procedures. What we at Dr. Ritter and Ramsey cannot believe is how many times a patient comes from another office and were never offered the choice between the implant and the bridge. Our advice, always ask the question.

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