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No Prep Veneer Course with Dr Dennis Wells

This past weekend in Nashville, Tn, both Dr Ritter and Dr Ramsey took part in a 2 day course to further their abilities to provide more conservative dentistry for our patents. Under the guidance of Dr. Dennis Wells, we were exposed to the process of no prep ceramic veneers. Dr. Wells has a large practice based upon the ability to not prepare healthy tooth structure. This approach is the most conservative dentistry that we have to offer. While not all cases presented were able to be made into a no prep case, the idea is to preserve as much healthy enamel as possible. We have always been able to do this procedure, however, after spending time with a dentist who has refined the process we are now able to accentuate the technique and promote it in a real world setting. If you think that you would be a potential client for this type of dentistry, give us a call for a complimentary consult.

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