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Bridges and Implants-A Comparison of Options to Replace Missing Teeth

A porcelain bridge is used in cosmetic dentistry to replace teeth that have been damaged or removed. Generally, two types of bridges exist: Porcelain and Ceramic Bridges. The former is typically the lower-cost option with a good track record and exceptional durability. Ceramic bridges are a good option for those looking to match their teeth color very closely, and may incur more costs to place. A gap may also be replaced by a dental implant, an option to be discussed later. Make sure to choose one of the top Atlanta dentists when making the bridge vs. implant decision. Fixed bridges need two anchor teeth on either side of the gap to be successful, and sometimes four anchor teeth to place the bridge on. This maintains the structural integrity of the smile line and increases the likelihood the bridge will be successful. A porcelain bridge is a value option, but there is a downside. Sometimes, a porcelain bridge uses metal bindings on either side of the target tooth. This may lead to the color of metal leaking through to the other side of the tooth, thus making it visible in your smile line. The end result is a grey tinge more often than not. In addition, the bridge itself may degrade after a few decades and may need to be replaced.

Another serious consideration is bone loss around the jaw where the porcelain bridge resides. If the jaw was damaged during trauma and/or tooth loss, the bridge will not protect against further degradation. This is where an implant becomes a viable option.

Cosmetic dentists with extensive experience in the field are required for an implant, a complex dental procedure. It's best to use today's cutting edge new technology for a dental implant. First, x-rays will be required prior to an implant to assess the correct location for implementation. Then, an implant is placed under general anesthesia. n rare occasions, additional bone will be required from another place in the body, often the hip. This post is made of titanium and is designed to be used for the tooth's lifetime. The post is given time to heal, usually around six months. Finally, a cap or veneer is placed on the tooth for an aesthetically pleasing smile appearance.

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