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Effective Tooth Whitening at Ritter and Ramsey Cosmetic Dentistry

Here at Ritter and Ramsey General and Cosmetic Dentistry the easiest most effective way to change your smile is to Whiten your teeth. in the past, this technique was called bleaching. This inferred the use of harmful chemicals that would permanently effect your enamel or outer layer of your tooth. This is so not the case. Whitening has been proven safe and effective from clinical studies over the last decade. The best, most cost effective method of whitening your teeth are custom trays to fit over your teeth with take home syringes of material. The material that we use and has been shown to promote awesome results is Night White from Discus Dental. Tooth whitening works well if you have to prerequisites, first, you have to have your own teeth. unfortunately, whitening does not work on crowns, second you cannot whiten teeth that have so called "bondings" or composites which are plastic fillings on your teeth. If you have your own teeth and you feel that they are slightly yellow, dingy or tired looking, and you would like to see an improvement in the brightness of your smile, give us a call and see if Take home Whitening is for you.

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